Coming Summer 2016!

Check out what's new for 2016 - The NOCK OUT CHAMELEON!

We are thrilled to announce our newest addition to the NOCK OUT family of Lighted Nocks - The CHAMELEON!  Aptly named for the popular color-changing reptile, the Chameleon has the ability to change between six different LED colors with the simple swipe of a magnet. You choose:  Red | Green | Yellow | Pink | Blue | Teal!


Style: Vertical Bow & Crossbow (Half Moon)

Size: Universal Fit!

   Vertical Bow: Sized to fit G, X, H, S/GT 

   Crossbow: Sized to fit shafts with .300, .297 and .285 ID

Weight: 34 grains (vertical)   45 grains (Half Moon)

Features: Easy Off, Practice Mode & Universal Fit!


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