WEIGHT: Approximately 31-34 Grains (depends on bushing size)


  • 24 hours (continuous on time)
  • Battery is not replaceable


  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow (Half Moon only)


  • Flat Back
  • Half Moon

Many crossbow manufactures recommend certain nock styles for their crossbows (Half Moon, Flat Back, etc.). Always check with the crossbow manufacture for their recommendation.


NOCK OUT Lighted Nocks are designed to fit the three most common CARBON crossbow ID sizes - . 285, .297 & .300.  The package contains three sets of bushing (all three sizes in each set) for a total of 9 bushings per package. 

Some Common Shafts:

.285 ID  - Small bushing

  • Carbon Express: Aramid KV, Maxima Hunter, Maxima Mayhem, Pile Driver, Surge, CX Cross Bolt
  • Easton: FMJ Bolt,
  • Horton: Savage RD, Bone Crusher, Bone Collector Lighting Strike
  • Parker: Red Hot, Cross Fire

.297 ID - Medium bushing

  • Beman: Thunderbolt
  • Easton: Powerbolt, Head Hunter
  • Horton: HP Carbon

.300 ID - Large bushing

  • Black Eagle: Executioner, Zombie Slayer
  • Easton: Bloodline Bolt
  • Gold Tip: Laser II, Laser II Pro, Laser III, Laser III Pro


NOCK OUT Lighted Nocks do not fit aluminum bolts. They will also not fit a carbon shaft with an ID smaller than .285" such as the new GT Nitro which is a .272:ID