Weight: 21 - 24 Grains (depends on bushing size)

Battery: 24 hours (continuous on time).  Battery is not replaceable


NOCK OUT Lighted Nocks are designed to fit the 5 most popular carbon arrow shaft sizes, so unless your shaft is an unusual size, the NOCK OUT will fit. The package contains the bushings you will need to size the NOCK OUT from "G" all the way up to an "S/GT"  so you don’t need to worry about which package to buy. There is only ONE package.

NOCK OUT - Fit List:

"G" – Micro diameters with a .165" ID - no bushing required.

  • Black Eagle: Deep Impact
  • Bloodsport: Bloodsport 1

*Micro diameter shafts with a larger .1665" ID (such as Easton Injexion, ACC w/ unibushing, and Victory VAP) will require a fit adjustment - such as hot melt glue or silicone - to ensure a tight fit. 

"X" – .204" ID - uses the smallest orange bushing. 

  • Beman ICS: Team REALTREE® MFX™, Classic MFX™, BLACK MAX™, MAX-4™
  • Black Eagle: Rampage
  • Carbon Xpress: CX Edge, CX Edge Hunter
  • Easton: ST Axis, ST Axis real tree, A/C Super Slim, Axis Full Metal Jacket, ST Axis Full Metal Jacket Camo, ST Axis FMJ, ST Axis Realtree, ST Axis Mossy Oak Obsession, ST Axis, ST Axis Junior can also fit A/C/C 3-28/500
  • Gold Tip: Kinetic Hunter, Kinetic Pro, Kinetic XT
  • Trophy Ridge: Blast, Crush, Hailfire, Wrath

"H" – .233" ID - uses the medium orange bushing.

  • Beman: Centershot
  • Carbon Express: Heritage 75, 90
  • Cabelas: Outfitter
  • Easton: Hexx, Bloodline & Wildthing, Aftermath, ION, ST Epic, ST Epic Camo & Junior, ST Excel

"S/GT" – .244" ID  - uses the large orange bushing.

  • Arrow Dynamic: .395 Mag
  • Beman: ICS Camohunter®, ICS Energy™, ICS Hunter Elite™, ICS Hunter™, ICS Camo Hunter™, ICS Hunter Junior™, ICS Venture™, ICS Speed
  • Black Eagle: Carnivore, Carnivore Ultra Lightweight
  • Cabelas: Carbon Hunter, Stalker Extreme Carbon, Outfitter Series
  • Carbon Xpress: AMPED-XS 30, Aramid KV, Carbon Rebel, Carbon Rebel Hunter, Heritage, MACH 5™, Maxima™, Maxima™ 3D Select, Maxima™ Blue Streak, Maxima™ Blue Streak Select, Maxima™ Hunter, Maxima™ Hunter KV, Mayhem™, Mayhem™ Hot Pursuit, Mayhem™ Hunter, Mutiny, Piledriver™, Piledriver™ Hunter, Predator II, Terminator Hunter, Terminator Lite, Terminator Lite Hunter, Terminator Lite Select, Terminator Select Hunter, Terminator XP, Thunderstorm, Thunderstorm SE, Whitetail
  • Carbon Impact: Stealth XLT, Trophy Hunter, Carbon youth
  • Carbon Tech: Cheetah, Panther, Rhino, Whitetail
  • Easton: Carbon Storm, Flatline Surgical™, Flatline™, LightSpeed, Lightspeed 3D, PowerFlight, Traditional Only®, ACC 3-60/340*, Raider, Radier Platinum, ACC 3-71/300*
  • Forge: Extreme Kevlon™
  • Gold Tip: Pro Hunter, XT Hunter, Expedition Hunter, Vapor Pro, Vapor Pro Hunter, Ultralight, Ultralight Pro, Ultralight Entrada, Falcon, Traditional, Big Game 100, Ted Nugent
  • Harvest Time Archery: HT-2
  • High Country: Speed Pro
  • High Impact: Penetrator
  • PSE: Carbon Force, X-Weave, X-Weave Pro
  • Red Head: Carbon Fury, Carbon MAX2, Carbon Maxx, Carbon Hunter, Carbon Supreme, Carbon Supreme Lite
  • Scout Mountain Equipment: Epsilon Arrows
  • Vapor: Predator, Predator Pro, Hunter, Hunter Pro, Pro Black, Pro Whitetail, Whitetail, Carbonwood, Wayne Carlton Signature, Vapor Jets
  • Victory: V-Force, V-Force HV
  • 30.06 Archery: Tom Nelson Signature Arrow