Awesome Nocks

As hunters, we are presented with many products/services to choose from to make our hunts the best they can be.  We are sometimes saturated with marketing strategies and sales "pitches" that can make our choice of a particular product/service that much more difficult. Being a natural born skeptic, I remain brand loyal when I find something that works for me. However, just when I was comfortable and "satisfied" with the lighted nocks that I was using for about 3 years, along comes Clean-Shot to my attention.  I selected the Nock Out lighted nocks (I like the Green!) from a nearby retail store and brought them home to put them to the test.  I read things like "frustration free", "easy" and "universal" on the packaging and the Clean-Shot website.  In response to those declarations I declare..."true, true and true!!!".  To say the Nock Out product has blown me away is a total understatement!  Please do not believe a word I have written......try them for yourself and create your own successful hunt!  Thank you Clean-Shot!  Happy Hunting!  Danny T. Pittsburgh, PA

Great with my VAPs

I am a very picky bow hunter and I am obsessive about my equipment.   I shoot VAP small shaft arrows and have tried numerous lighted nocks over the years with disappointment.  I recently purchased a pack of your Nock Out lighted nocks and just wanted to let you know “you got it right”!  I had to use a small amount of silicone sealant and put the nock into the arrow shaft without any of the provided collars.  The arrow flight is unchanged, the nocks are simple to use and I have given them a pounding on my practice targets.  Love them! will be ordering more of them today.  Thanks for a great product. Joe

Great Design

Great idea. Collar just takes a little time to get use to when trying to turn from practice mode to hunting. But after that it is great.      

Innovative product!

This is the first lighted nock where you can practice with the actual nock that you're going to hunt with. That in itself is cool! It's a good product and priced right. Xiong

awesome product!

Extremely easy to set up. The brightness is unreal! Very easy to take out of lighted mode and I love how easy it is to change from practice mode to hunt mode! Best lighted nocks I have used. Stu

So far as promised

Haven`t used on a hunt yet but so far they seem to be as promised target friendly light on or off will add to this thread or make another thread after shot in a hunting situation best and easiest lighted nock to install I have used so far and I have tried many Regards, Bob

#1 lighted nock on the market

Clean shot did an outstanding job at changing the direction in which lighted nocks should operate. Simple on/off feature, practice mode, ultra bright, and water proof to top it off. After practicing with these and going on a few turkey hunts this spring I am thoroughly impressed with how these perform. Top notch product and an A+ company. You have a customer for life! Happy hunting and shoot straight, Kyle

So pleased, I've found the best on the market

I couldn't be happier with the nocks. They are the brightest i have ever seen and are so easy to use. I will never buy a different lighted nock again. Zane

Clean-Shot scored a TKO with their Nock Out lighted nocks

Nock out lighted nocks are a superb product at a reasonable price. These nocks are easy to use and super durable. They have a practice mode so you don't have to waste your battery while practicing yet enabling you to use the same nock you will be hunting with. These nocks are super bright and work every single time they are shot!!! Check them out, you won't be disappointed!!!!  Dan

Great Features!

I LOVE my new Nock Out Lighted Nocks! They have a simple on/off feature which allows you to shoot it in a practice mode where the light does not turn on but yet allows you to shoot arrows with the same nock and weight as you will be using while hunting. No need to re-sight in with these lighted nocks. These are very well made and with the practice mode will allow you to shoot them the entire season. Mike

Amazing, easy on and off…

My initial order came with a bad set of bushings, but after a quick email one day later I was sent the right parts for my Easton arrows. After fitting the correct size bushing on my arrows it was minutes before I was shooting these incredibly bright green LED nocks. These LED nocks are super easy to install and use, they make spotting my shots a breeze and I love that they did not change my arrows flight characteristics. I am definitely getting another pack of these! Gus

Brightest on the market

I love the visibility of the green Nock Out nocks. Ordered three the first order and had trouble getting them to turn on. Figured out that they fit my string to tight causing them to turn off as they left the string. Simple fix.....just spread the nock a little and they worked fine. Ordered nine more and waiting on deer season! David

Super Bright!!!

I just received my nock out lighted nocks the other day (in green) and I really wanted to try them out to see how they turn on and off and how the collar works to use the practice mode. The nock seemed really bright in my kitchen so I wanted to try it with the lights off. I hit the lights and activated the nock and I instantly was amazed. This thing is a flashlight. You could easily use this walking through the woods with no problem. It is so bright. I cant wait to put them to the real test this coming hunting season. I have a lot of faith in these things. You should have no problem watching your arrow fly in full sun or low light. You should easily be able to recover the arrow also. Mike

K.I.S.S. Nocks

These lighted nocks are so simple and they fit right in my hunting mentality of the K.I.S.S system (keep it simple stupid). I tried the different bushings, and they were a great fit in ALL my arrows. Arrow flight wasn't affected at all. Green were super bright. And finally, they are so simple to turn off. They are great! Highly recommended!! Jimmy

Nock Out Nocks

I ordered these nocks because they would work with my VAP Victory's arrows. Talked to representative named Sheri and she answered all my questions. Received in two days. The nocks were a little loose for the VAP's so I had to glue them. I became a little exasperated with them because they just wouldn't fire. Contacted Sheri and she told me to loosen the grip somewhat of my nock on the serving. I lightly sanded them until they snapped on but not as tight. Now they fire 100% of the time. I would have gave 5 stars but because they had to be glued and tweaked a little, I opted for 4 stars. I will add that I will give customer service 10 stars as I have never received better and faster customer service and that is because of Sheri. I will be recommending them to my friends and I also will be ordering more. Thank you, John

Best lighted nocks

I have to say that these are the best lighted nocks I have used by far, also the little extra space that it provides from my string is perfect for my bow. I use FOBS and I had some string pinch but with these nocks that is the thing of the past. I will be telling my friends about these and will be ordering more very soon. Thank You Very Much very Great product!  Eric

Simple installation

I first inserted the orange plastic gizmo and then inserted the nock. Not believing it was that simple and convinced I did something wrong or missed a step, I went to the internet and watched the install video. Nothing wrong and what they got matched what I made. I then shot them at 20yrds and found they flew about 1" higher than others...which I like my arrows to do...they are 7grains lighter. Amazing product! Brett

Excellent nock

Got these but waited to use them till now they defiantly fit the arrow shaft better I was using nocturnal nocks in carbon express piledriver had problem with nock not fitting tightly without having to wrap it with scotch tape to get to fit right these have had no problem and have shot at least 40+ times and they are very bright can be seen easily at 40 yards in the daylight. Will

Very impressed

I was a skeptic at first because of the lack of good products out there in the lighted nock business. However these have performed flawlessly so far. And for the price why not try them. They are being easy to use and the practice mode is awesome also. I was shooting great groups at 50-70 yards the first day I had them. Going to order another set for hunting season. Cody

Best lighted nock out there. customer service is 2nd to none

These nocks are dead on out to 70 yds. That's all the farther I've shot them so far. Easy to use on and off switch. Very bright. Customer service is awesome. I will use these nocks as long as they're available. Thanks, Scott

Easy to use

Finally a lighted nock you can move from arrow shaft to arrow shaft. With the practice mode you can get use to the weight in to back with out kill the battery. Very bright. What a great concept. mike

Needs glue

I have installed with glue in Easton deep six arrows. They have worked well. 

Easiest Lighted NockI have used

I just got these nocks a few days ago and have only shot them a few times but they are easy to install and easy to turn on and off. The practice mode also allows you to practice with them without having to turn them off after every shot. Overall I am very pleased with the product.