Nock Out Lighted Nocks

Finally, a FRUSTRATION-FREE lighted nock!

What Makes NOCK OUT Lighted Nocks the BEST Choice?

Practice Mode: A simple 1/4 turn of the nock collar deactivates
the light.

Why is this important? As an archer, you understand that consistent weight on both the front and back of your arrow is important. When you switch between a regular nock and a heavier lighted nock, you change this weight ratio and that means you're not practicing effectively. And, as a cost conscious consumer, you probably don't want to use an expensive lighted nock all the time - especially in bright sunlight when you can't see the LED anyway. The NOCK OUT® is the only lighted nock that allows you to mechanically deactivate the LED. Imagine if you never had to switch between a lighted nock and a regular nock again.

Easy Off: Simply pull the nock straight back until you hear a "click" and the light turns off - no tools required.

Why is this important? Bowhunting and archery is difficult enough. Why would you choose equipment that is difficult to operate? We found that most of the lighted nocks on the market are difficult to turn off and we think that is frustrating and unnecessary. The LED should be easy to turn off so you can get back to what you enjoy - shooting! We think you'll agree that the NOCK OUT's are simply the easiest lighted nock to turn off! Click here to see our video and see for yourself.

Universal Fit: One package includes adapter sleeves to fit all common arrow shafts on the market.

Why is this important? Archers that like to use a variety of arrow shafts will no longer need to purchase multiple lighted nocks. The NOCK OUT quickly adapts to various sizes with a simple sleeve adapter (included in the package). Selecting the correct lighted nock for your shafts at the store is no longer an issue - the Nock Out will fit any shaft - No more guessing about which size you need. Everything is included in the package to fit the 5 most common arrow shaft sizes on the market.

Reliable and Weatherproof: Proven light stick design.

Why is this important? Reliability is critical! When you have that shot of a lifetime, you don’t want the light to come on too soon or not at all. The light stick design (with string activation) is a proven design that works every time. Reliability in any weather conditions is important and we've got you covered.


Colors: Red or Green
Weight: 20 Grains
Battery Life: 24 hours

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