Welcome to our media page and thank you for visiting. The purpose of this page is to provide media professionals with the text and images that they need to accurately present about our products.

If you need something that is not listed, please contact us at info@clean-shot.com


Clean-Shot Logos

Clean-Shot logo PNG

Clean-Shot logo EPS

Nock Out Logos

NOCK OUT (vertical bow)

Black w/ Green Nock PNG

Black w/ Red Nock PNG

NOCK OUT (crossbow and bowfishing)

Black text PNG

Miscellaneous Logos

Hollow Point Broadhead PNG

Lock-n-Load Inserts JPG


NOCK OUT (vertical bow)

Red PNG 85-1051

Green PNG 85-1050

Yellow PNG85-1052

NOCK OUT (Crossbow)

RED Half Moon PNG 85-1066

Green Half Moon PNG 85-1065

Yellow Half Moon PNG 85-1071

RED Flat Back PNG 85-1068

Green Flat Back PNG 85-1067


Vertical PNG 85-1090

Crossbow Half Moon PNG 85-1095



Hollow Point Broadhead 85-1060

Lock-n-Load 165 85-1040

Lock-n-Load 204 85-1034

Lock-n-Load 244 85-1017

Lock-n-Load 300 85-1032 & 85-1036