Laser Hunting Products

The Spot-On® Laser Broadhead is the industry's first Field Sighted Broadhead! The internal laser beam inside our patented broadhead automatically activates at full draw with a simple bow mounted magnet. Each of your arrows tipped with the Spot-On® Laser Broadhead will have 24" of elevation adjustment at 30 yards allowing you to "sight in" each of your arrows to be deadly accurate at ranges out to 60 yards! Simply adjust the set screws to move the laser beam up or down! Once calibrated for your specific equipment, your arrow will hit where the laser dot is pointed. Spot-On® Laser Broadheads feature the new technology of our Hollow Point Tip. It cuts on contact and removes a core sample creating a massive wound channel and excellent blood trail.

Try out Lock-n-Load™ Inserts! They are glueless, indexable and self-centering. Indexing your arrows is important when using a laser broadhead. Lock-n-Load™ Inserts make it easy!