Hollow Point Broadhead

The Spot-On® Hollow Point Broadhead takes the traditional fixed blade broadhead to an all-new level! The unique feature of this broadhead is the patented Hollow Point Tip. This tip works like a core drill removing a .25 caliber size hole with every shot allowing the large (1-1/4" diameter) razor sharp blades to take over and deliver devastating, hide blasting performance.

As part of the Spot-On® Broadhead System, the Hollow Point Broadhead flies identical to the Calibration Point, Laser Target Points, and Hunting Laser Broadheads. The Hollow Point provides predicable flight and accuracy making the transition between any of our Points and Broadheads seamless. Train with the Laser Broadhead and switch to the Hollow Point for hunting - easy and predictable! Available in a 3-pack in 100, 125 or 150 grains.

Penetration Power!

This photo demonstrates the penetrating power of the Spot-On® Hollow Point Broadhead, as it was shot through a double steel door. You can see pieces of the door embedded in the razor sharp cutting edges of the hollow point tip.