The Hollow Point Broadhead takes the traditional fixed blade broadhead to an all-new level!

The unique feature of this broadhead is the patented Hollow Point Tip. This tip works like a core drill removing a .25 caliber size hole with every shot allowing the large (1-1/4" diameter) razor sharp blades to take over and deliver devastating, hide blasting performance.

  Key Features:

  • Hollow Point Tip offering superior penetration
  • Coring power leaves a strong blood trail

  • Razor sharp blades

  • Replaceable blades and tips

  • Fixed blade accuracy and dependability

The Hollow Point Broadhead is similar to our Laser Broadhead, but it does NOT contain a laser.

Hollow Points through two sheets of plywood...no problem!

Hollow Points through two sheets of plywood...no problem!


I was so impressed on how true these broadheads flew out of my Barnett Crossbow. There was an instant blood trail from the point of impact on the red stag that would have made tracking him an easy task...but since he collapsed only about 70 yards over the hill...it made for an easy recovery. Hollow Point Broadhead from Clean-Shot...the only way to take a trophy down!!! 

Carl Drake, Realtree Pro Staff