Can I replace the tips and blades?

Answer: YES. The blades and tips (both sizes) are sold separately as Parts/Accessories in our online store.

How does the weight adjustability work?

Answer: All Hollow Point Broadheads are packaged with two sizes of tips - standard and large. The large tip weights 25 grains more than the standard. With the standard tip, the broadhead weighs 100 grains; with the large tip, it weighs 125.

Won't the Hollow Point Tip fill up with debris after the shot?

Answer: YES. That is a good thing! As discussed above, the core sample that stays in the Hollow Point Tip removes a layer of hide that typically would create friction for the rest of the arrow as it is traveling through the game animal. This allows even a hunter using a lower poundage bow to produce a devastating wound channel and a quick (humane) kill. Hunters that are using high poundage bows can only imagine the wound impact that this patented Hollow Point Tip will create! 

What type of blood trail can I expect from Hollow Point Tips?

Answer: The patented Hollow Point Tip cuts on contact and removes a core sample with every shot. It is like a core drill spinning through the air! It removes a round section of the animal's hide and stores it in the tip of the Hollow Point tip of the broadhead.

The 1 1/4 inch cutting diameter of the three blades continue to cut without additional friction by pushing their way through the target. With the core sample removed, there is an unobstructed hole that will pump an significant blood trail to follow. The wound channel created by the Hollow Point Tip will not coagulate like those from a standard broadhead tip. This video shows the hide blasting performance of the Hollow Point Tip.

Does the Hollow Point Broadhead have a laser inside for aiming?

Answer: No. There is no laser or any electronics inside the Hollow Point Broadhead. It is identical to our Laser Broadhead, except that it does NOT contain the laser and electronics.