Man, no gluing and you can index a broadhead to your fetching. My arrows fly like darts.

This makes the most sense of any insert I have ever used! No more cleaning and gluing in inserts and I can index them to my vanes. Excellent flight over all ranges. Well worth the price.

Fast and Solid

I ordered 4 packs of these to outfit 2 dozen black eagle deep impact arrows. Install was a breeze, no wait on glue to dry. The overall feel of the arrow was incredible with these hybrid outserts. I'm a big fan of kinetic energy and can't wait to take this setup to the woods. I also outfitted the arrows with Nock Out lighted nocks, check them out, they are truly amazing!  Arrow flight was great, and there is the ability to tune the outserts as needed. I haven't put broadheads on them yet, so tuning may be needed. Overall I'm very thrilled with my purchase!    Jimmy   

Possibly best insert ever!

Quick prompt delivery. Instructions were very easy to understand. Half outserts fit the arrows perfectly! This is by far the easiest way to index broadheads and makes changing broadhead styles so much quicker and easier. Will definitely be telling all my hunting buddies to try them out!! Jonathan

Quick, easy and strong

I reordered the inserts #204, because my last hunting trip I shot a top 100 in the world buffalo. The ease of use contributed to this record. I adjusted my broadhead to match my odd vain and tightened the set screw and I had the confidence in knowing where my pin was that's where the arrow was going. I made a 60 yd shot across a lake and I had my trophy. This product was along time coming and has value that can not be measured to an archer (1 and done shooter) like myself. I fully recommend this product for big and small game anywhere in the world!!!!!!!!! Chief 

Very Well Made!

I will first say that the lock-n-Load 204 inserts are very well made! The install was very easy, the fit was perfect! I bought these for ease of tuning my broadheads, and I must say it's nice to finally be able to fine tune your broadheads to shoot like your field points. Best of all no more messy glue! I will be buying them for all my arrows. These are the Best! J. Scott

Awesome Insert

Best combination on my Black Eagle Rampage arrows is the Lock-n-Load 204 and NOCK OUT Lighted Nocks!

No mess... no fuss!

I use the lock n loads on all of my arrows now and have not had one problem. They are fast and easy to use. One thing I like about them is that you can swap them out while in the field no glue necessary and no mess! No problem! Mike

Love these inserts

Installed the Lock-n-Load on my new arrows in minutes! No waiting for glue to dry to shoot and can perfect my broadhead flight with experimenting by aligning or not aligning with the fletching. So much better than gluing! Michelle

Great product

Installing and setting up is a snap. Great design    

Lock N Load 300 112 Grain

Best inserts I found period! Easy to index and install no gluing and are reusable! Only inserts I will buy from now on! Scott

I Am Impressed!

I glued in six brass inserts and spin tested them; they were out by .006. Then I installed six Lock-n-Load inserts; the run out was .0007. I am impressed. Needless to say, I am done with glue-in inserts!! Allen